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Daily Tours From time to time, we are arranging daily tours on demand. We are leaving the harbour at 9:30 AM, going to one of the day-long distance (and out of regular tour) points, take our first dive there and then choose one of the turquoise-blue bays for BBQ party. After lunch, we are either taking a rest or a nature walk until the next dive. After the second dive into a different point, we are returning ...
Equipment Equipment is one of the most important aspects of diving to which, divers must pay highest attention. Diving equipment must be high quality, well maintained and most definitely in accordance with defined standards. Carefully selected equipment is the key to prevent possible psychological and physiological difficulties, and to explore the beauties lying down in the sea. Selecting right equipment i...
Perfect Locaiton Historical Basis The fist traces of settlement in Kas area go back to 8,000s BC. Area was the host for Lycian Civilisation in ancient times and was an important settlement throughout the history. Habesos is the most ancient name of Kas ever known. Later, it was called as Phellos (Rocky/Stony Place) and its harbour area was called Antiphellos. During the Roman time, its commercial importance grew...
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